Given his background, it would be difficult to blame Courtney Love for looking out for himself. Instead, the Kentucky football linebacker took inspiration from a difficult childhood and turned it into a lifetime commitment to helping others overcome the same kind of obstacles Love has faced.

Love, who received his degree in community and leadership development before his senior season and will be a graduate assistant at his alma mater starting with the 2017 season, was living with his mother at age 8. Realizing a difficult relationship with her made living with his father, Cory, his best chance at a stable life, Courtney ran away from home. Cory provided the discipline young Courtney needed, but went to prison for two years. Though Cory, a former Marine, would eventually go on to own a successful industrial cleaning business, Courtney was left in the care of his grandmother and great grandmother.

In spite of everything he faced, Courtney grew into a football star and standout student, earning a scholarship to play at Nebraska before transferring to Kentucky. At UK, Courtney immediately established himself as a leader in both the locker room and the community. He volunteered in support of a number of causes, none dearer to his heart than Amachi Central Kentucky. Amachi seeks to pair caring, positive adults with children who have one or both parents in prison, which is how Courtney met Antonio McKinney. The two have become inseparable, with Antonio thriving as he learns from Courtney’s example.

Courtney Love has lived through a lot. Now he lives to show others they can too.